About Us

Metropolitan Vascular Institute is a state of the art facility in the Washington DC area that serves patients locally, nationally, and internationally. We provide treatments for many conditions including Men’s and Women’s Health, Vascular Disease, Kidney Failure, and Oncology. We provide a relaxed outpatient environment with modern comforts to make your experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Our unique practice has multi-specialty experts, including: Vascular, Interventional, and Nephrology. This allows us the advantage to see and treat an array of health issues and provide a more comprehensive plan of care within our multi-specialty team. Our team goes above and beyond and covers the whole process of managing your treatment/health in order to provide excellent care.

Research at MVI

The team at Metropolitan Vascular Institute is leading the way in the development and refinement of new procedures and tools to treat common diseases. Our physician leaders have initiated their own clinical studies and have also collaborated with industry sponsors or other Institutions to bring a successful R & D program to MVI.

Drs. Piechowiak & Bagla are studying the effects of embolization on the treatment of pain related to Knee Arthritis (read more about this here). Dr. Piechowiak presented the data from an international study they are leading at the most recent Society of Interventional Radiology Meeting. They are leading the way with the First US Study on the treatment of pain related to Knee Arthritis. More information on the clinical trial can be found here. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02850068?term=bagla&rank=2

Prostate Artery Embolization (PAE) has changed the way we look at the treatment of BPH. Dr. Bagla led the first US trial on PAE more than 5 years ago and his team has the largest experience in the US. Drs. Piechowiak and Bagla presented their most recent clinical research data on the reduction of radiation during PAE at their center. They have also recently published literature on the lower cost of PAE vs TURP and that Manual techniques are similar to success rates of Robotics, with lower cost.

To learn more about how to collaborate with MVI or if you have interest in a clinical trial, please contact us at info@teamviv.com